Healing with the moon.


When I started practicing yoga it allowed me to make a connection with calmness through movement and breath, the meditative quality. When I started including meditation to my daily life that allowed me a connection within myself, I found spirit. And when I started going outside and connecting with nature I felt what makes us all one, our humanity.

When I take a look at the full moon the feeling that I get is indescribable. The beauty that I witness is one that stops time. It is one of those things that we can all agree on, there is no denying the majestic beauty of the full moon, it’s a magnetic energy that captures you. Many people have used this time to perform ritual using the power of the moon for self healing. For some time now I have been connecting with the moon in my own way and this is how:

I live in Arizona so going outside is not always possible during the summer when our temperature gets very hot. However, most of the time it is possible to go outside to connect with nature. I like to head outdoors once the sun begins to set.


Reading a book under a tree. 


Playing a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

I use crystals for my meditation and I also burn sage. Crystals and stones are known for different uses and qualities. People often ask me “Do they really work?” I let people know that I personally believe they do and I also let them know that for me they are tools that aid me to focus my energies. For example, quartz crystals are known for their clarity, cleansing and high vibrations. Therefore, I use crystals in my meditation and visualize negative energies that I may be carrying within myself being cleared away. I can’t say that it is the crystal that allows this process to be possible in helping me find a peaceful balance but I also can’t say it is not.


Stones, quartz and sage.

Yoga, yoga, yoga! Practicing yoga has been extremely beneficial in my life. I highly encourage everyone to incorporate it in theirs.


Practicing yoga.

Another thing I incorporate to my ritual is writing. I have a journal in which I write my intentions.


Full moon intentions journal.

First I start by writing a full page of my life contract over and over until I write a full page. If you do not have a life contract I highly recommend that you take the time to make one. For example: ” I am Gloria Martinez-Casillas, a person who is loving, honest, peaceful, brave and adventurous.

Then I follow that with my intentions, for example: “I Gloria Martinez-Casillas will be flexible with my time.” “I Gloria Martinez-Casillas will push myself out of comfort zones.” “I Gloria Martinez-Casillas will have trust in my intuition.”

And lastly, I write down The Four Agreements. (If you are not familiar with these please read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.) I write them down personalized to myself as follows:

1. I Gloria Martinez-Casillas am impeccable with my word.

2. I Gloria Martinez-Casillas do not take things personally.

3. I Gloria Martinez-Casillas do not make assumptions.

4. I Gloria Martinez-Casillas always do my best.

After completing writing I sign it.

All in all, these rituals have been a helpful tool for centering myself. Life can be difficult to deal with at times and only you know yourself best. I encourage you to connect with nature in your very own way and see what you can gain from those connections.

Peace, light and love to you all! :*


Maneras de sanar con la luna.


Cuando empecé a practicar yoga me permitió hacer una conexión con calma a través del movimiento y la respiración, una calidad de meditación. Cuando empecé incluyendo la meditación en mi vida diaria me permitió una conexión dentro de mí misma, me encontré con el espíritu. Y cuando empecé a salir afura en la naturaleza sentí lo que nos hace unidos, nuestra humanidad.

Cuando tomo una mirada a la luna llena la sensación que tengo es indescriptible. La belleza a que soy testigo es algo que detiene el tiempo. Es una de esas cosas en que todos podemos estar de acuerdo, no se puede negar la majestuosa belleza de la luna llena, tiene una energía magnética que capta. Muchas personas han utilizado este tiempo para llevar a cabo ritual mediante el poder de la luna para la auto curación. Desde hace algún tiempo he estado conectando con la luna en mi propia manera, aquí es como:

Yo vivo en Arizona, salir a la calle no siempre es posible durante el verano por que la temperatura en nuestro estado hace mucho calor. Sin embargo, la mayoría de las veces es posible salir a la calle para conectar con la naturaleza. Me gusta salir al aire libre lla que el sol comienza a ponerse.


Leyendo un libro debajo de un árbol.


Tocando un cuenco Tibetano.

Yo uso cristales en mi meditación y también quemo la salvia. Los cristales y las piedras son conocidos por diferentes usos y cualidades. La gente me pregunta “¿Realmente funcionan?” Les dejo saber que personalmente creo que si y también les hago saber que para mí son herramientas que me ayudan a centrar mis energías. Por ejemplo, los cristales de cuarzo son conocidos por su claridad, limpieza y altas vibraciones. Por lo tanto, utilizo cristales en mi meditación y para visualizar las energías negativas que puedo llevar dentro disipando de mí ser. No puedo decir que es el cristal que permite que este proceso sea posible para ayudar a encontrar un equilibrio pacífico pero tampoco puedo decir que no lo es.


Piedras, cuarzo y salvia.

Yoga, el yoga, el yoga! La práctica del yoga ha sido extremadamente beneficioso en mi vida. Yo animo a todos a incorporarlo en el suyo.


La práctica de yoga.

Otra cosa que incorporo a mi ritual es la escritura. Tengo un diario en el que escribo mis intenciones.


Diario de intenciones de luna llena.

Primero comienzo escribiendo una página completa de mi contrato de vida otra y otra vez hasta que escribo una página completa. Si usted no tiene un contrato de vida le recomiendo que se tome el tiempo para hacer uno. Por ejemplo: “Soy Gloria Martínez-Casillas, una persona que es amoroza, honesta, tranquila, valiente y aventurera.

Luego sigo con mis intenciones, por ejemplo: “Yo Gloria Martínez-Casillas voy a ser flexible con mi tiempo.” “Yo Gloria Martínez-Casillas voy a esforzarme fuera de las zonas de confort”. “Yo Gloria Martínez-Casillas tendré confiar en mi intuición.”

Y, por último, anoto los cuatro acuerdos. (Si no está familiarizado con estos por favor lea Los Cuatro Acuerdos de Don Miguel Ruiz.) Los escribo personalizados a mí misma de la siguiente manera:

1. Yo Gloria Martínez-Casillas soy impecable con mi palabra.

2. Yo Gloria Martínez-Casillas no tomo las cosas personalmente.

3. Yo Gloria Martínez-Casillas no hago suposiciones.

4. Yo Gloria Martínez-Casillas siempre hago el maximo esfuerzo.

Después de terminar de escribir firmarlo.

En conjunto, estos rituales han sido una herramienta muy útil para el centrado de mí misma. La vida puede ser difícil de tratar a veces y sólo tu te conoces mejor. Le animo a conectar con la naturaleza en su propio camino y ver lo que puede obtener de esas conexiones.

Paz, luz y amor para todos ustedes!:*

First Moon Celebration: My Daughter’s First Mestruation


The last full moon was a very special beginning, my 11 year old daughter began menstruating.  Although the signs of her body changing have all been indicating it was coming, it was still a big surprise! I have always felt it important to do everything I can to guide her to become a strong woman and for me this was a significant event in her life to strengthen that.

Like most 11 year olds on summer break, Raeana was complaining that she was bored. It was a hot Arizona afternoon, we got word from our friends who happen to have a nice big pool, to got over to their house. Although I had plans to work on a project, I dropped it and asked Raeana to get ready so we can go swimming, she was super excited! She went off to her room to change into her bathing suit then I heard her yelling “Mom!” I thought she needed help tying her suit but instead I walked in her room and she said “I started my period!” I maintained my cool and showed her again how to put on a pad, but this time is was not for practice. She was excited and shocked, but then she was bummed, she realized swimming was not gonna happen. For so many women our monthly visitor can be a bit uncomfortable, unwanted and even painful! I didn’t want this to be the way for her to remember this first, so I got a great idea, CELEBRATE!

I had read some articles about rituals to celebrate the first menstruation to welcome young girls into womanhood and I loved the idea. That weekend it just so happened that my friend Patricia was going to be hosting her annual Summer Solstice Soiree which would include an energy cleansing and blessing. Along with that, the moon phase would soon be full! I have been going through a spiritual awakening and all this happening just came together beautifully and I took it as a sign and went for it. I explained to my daughter how a woman’s menstrual cycle mirrors the cycle of the moon, and that we could go to the soiree to celebrate her coming into womanhood. She was excited and plans were set to attend, here are a few pictures of the celebration:


My daughter sitting on a blanket as we began. (Photo Courtesy Of: Carmen Guerrero) 


The altar and blessed water. (Photo Courtesy Of: Fatimah Halim)

summer-solstice-limpia-cleansingCleansing. (Photo Courtesy Of: Fatimah Halim)

summer-solstice-herbsHerb medicine. (Photo Courtesy of Fatimah Halim)

At closing, the opportunity to express was given to the attendees. My daughter gave thanks and expressed the importance of having that type of ritual for the community and felt it is needed.

Now looking back here are a few things I would like to share with any mothers or fathers for when the time comes for your daughters first moon.

*Open up the conversation ahead of time. It can feel embarrassing to talk about a bleeding vagina but it’s a natural body function. No shame for vaginas, bleed proud!

*Step by Step. Explain to your daughter exactly what will happen to her body and what she may feel, what is normal and what is abnormal.

*Open to questions. Ask your daughter if she has any questions and let her know if she can’t think of any she can always ask you anytime one pops up.

*How to. Help her practice putting on a pad ahead of time. It can seem very simple for us who have done it many times but for a first timer it can be intimidating. Also explain what the different types of pads are used for.

*Be patient. I’ll just say I ended up cleaning the carpet quite a bit, some things that seemed like common sense to me were not to her. I had to keep reminding myself to be calm and patient.

And of course CELEBRATE this important milestone!

Please share any tips you may have:)



Celebración De Primera Luna: Menstruación De Mi Hija.


La última luna llena era un comienzo muy especial, mi hija de 11 años comenzó a menstruar. A pesar que los cambios de su cuerpo indicaron que iba a venir, todavía era una gran sorpresa. Siempre he pensado que es importante hacer todo lo posible para guiar a mi hija para convertirse en una mujer fuerte y para mí esto fue un acontecimiento importante en su vida para fortalecer eso.

Al igual que la mayoría de los niños de 11 años en las vacaciones de verano, Raeana se quejaba de que estaba aburrida. Era una tarde caliente en Arizona y nuestros amigos que tienen una bonita piscina grande nos invitaron a su casa. A pesar de que yo tenía planes de trabajar en un proyecto, pare y le dije a Raeana que se vistiera para ir a nadar. ¡Estaba súper emocionada! Se fue a su habitación para ponerse el traje de baño y luego la oí gritar “¡Mamá!” Pensé que necesitaba ayuda atar su traje pero en vez cuando entre en su habitación ella dijo “¡Empecé mi menstruación!” Mantuve la calma y le dije de nuevo cómo ponerse una toalla femenina, pero esta vez es no era para la práctica. Estaba emocionada y sorprendida, pero luego se fue desanimando, se dio cuenta de que la natación no iba a pasar. ¡Para muchas mujeres nuestro visitante mensual puede ser un poco incómodo, no deseado e incluso doloroso! Yo no queria que esta fuera la manera para que ella recordara este principio, así que tuve una gran idea. ¡CELEBRAR!

Había leído algunos artículos sobre los rituales para celebrar la primera menstruación para recibir a las niñas en la transición a ser mujer y me encantó la idea. Ese fin de semana dio la casualidad de que mi amiga Patricia iba a organizar su celebracion anual del solsticio de verano que incluiría una limpieza energética y bendición. ¡Junto con eso, la fase de la luna pronto estaría llena! He estado yendo a través de un despertar espiritual y la forma que todo estaba pasando al mismo tiempo lo tomé como una buena señal. Le expliqué a mi hija cómo el ciclo menstrual de una mujer refleja el ciclo de la luna, y que podíamos ir a la celebracion del solsticio de verano para celebrar su transición de mujer. Ella se puso feliz y establecimos planes para asistir, aquí hay algunas fotos de la celebración:


Mi hija sentada en una manta a medida que comenzamos. (Foto cortesía de: Carmen Guerrero)


El altar y la agua bendita. (Foto cortesía de: Fatimah Halim)


La limpia. (Foto cortesía de: Fatimah Halim)


Medicina de hierba. (Foto cortesía de Fatimah Halim)

Al cierre de la ceremonia, se nos dio la oportunidad de expresar a los asistentes. Mi hija dio gracias y expresó la importancia de contar con este tipo de ritual para la comunidad y sintió que se necesita.

Ahora, mirando atrás aquí hay algunas cosas que me gustaría compartir con los padres o madres para cuando llegue el momento para la primera luna de sus hijas.

* Abre la conversación antes de tiempo. Se puede sentir vergüenza hablar de una vagina sangrando, pero es una función natural del cuerpo. ¡Sin vergüenza para las vaginas, a que sangrar con orgullo!

*Paso a paso. Explíquele a su hija exactamente lo que sucederá con su cuerpo y lo que se puede sentir, lo que es normal y lo anormal.

* Abierto a las preguntas. Pregúntele a su hija si tiene alguna pregunta y hacerle saber que a cualquier tiempo ella puede pregúntele.

*Cómo tratar. Ayúdala a prácticar a ponerse una toalla femenina antes de tiempo. Puede parecer muy simple para nosotros que lo hemos hecho muchas veces, pero para la primera vez puede ser intimidante. También explica para lo que se utilizan los diferentes tipos de toallas femeninas.

*Se paciente. Te voy a decir que terminé limpiando la alfombra un poco (mas bien mucho), algunas cosas que parecían como el sentido común para mí no eran para ella. Tuve que recordarme a mí misma para ser tranquila y paciente.

¡Y, por supuesto celebrar este importante acontecimiento!

Por favor, compartir algún consejo que pueda tener 🙂

3 Razones Por Las Que Acampar Es Increíble!


Tomar vacaciones con la familia acampar puede ser divertido, rejuvenecedor y una escapada barata. Mi familia y yo recientemente nos reunimos con algunos amigos y sus hijos para ir acampar para el fin de semana. Acampamos en Woods Canyon Lake, cerca de Payson, Arizona. Esta belleza se siente como que se encuentra en el paso superior de la escalera al cielo. Las siguientes son algunas razones por las cuales ir acampar puede ser una gran experiencia para la familia.

Póngase en contacto con la naturaleza:

La vida en la ciudad puede ser tan agitada que se nos olvida parar por un segundo y disfrutar de nuestro alrededor. Estamos ocupados con el trabajo o la escuela y nuestra dependencia con aparatos electrónicos no ayuda. La naturaleza ofrece la oportunidad de respirar aire fresco y al mismo tiempo disfrutar de sus hermosas vistas y creaciones. Cuando planeamos nuestro viaje nos aseguramos de mirar el pronóstico del tiempo, que declaró que iba a estar lloviendo en Payson. Por lo tanto, nos preparamos para la lluvia, pero en vez despertamos a una de las maravillas del invierno. Con el avanzo del día, la nieve se derretía lentamente y nadavamos en las nubes.


Rejuvenecer su espíritu:

La belleza de las creaciones de la tierra instantáneamente me hace sentir de una manera especial. Es un sentimiento de felicidad, el momento perfecto para abrir el espíritu y dejar que tu corazón se llene de las vibraciones energéticas de este planeta. No hace ninguna diferencia si la persona solo observa o cierra los ojos para sentir su alrededor. Yo tomé el tiempo para conectar mediante la práctica de yoga, meditación e incluso construí un mandala utilizando objetos encontrados. ¡Oh si! También me aseguré de abrazar a un árbol.


Exponer a los niños a la naturaleza también sirve para desenchúfarlos de sus aparatos electrónicos. En este viaje los niños trajeron libros y cuadernos para colorear y dibujar. Otra de las actividades que les gustaba era jugar juegos de mesa en campaña. Y por supuesto este terreno les ofreció la oportunidad perfecta para jugar a las escondidas.


Tiempo de calidad con sus seres queridos:

Ir acampar está convirtiendose en un componente de fortalecimiento de nuestra dinámica familiar. Nos permite a desenchufarnos de todo el ruido de la ciudad y nos centramos en el ahora. Me encanta sentarnos alrededor de la fogata hablando, rjendo a carcajadas y bebiendo unas copas con mis amigos, preparando s’mores para los niños y salir a caminar para explorar la zona. Estos momentos son experiencias que se convertirán en recuerdos maravillosos.


Espero que esto te ha inspirado para llevar a tu familia acampar. No hay necesidad de esperar y ahorrar mucho dinero para un viaje caro, acampar es de bajo presupuesto y de bajo mantenimiento. Si tiene algun lugares que le gustaría recomendar dejarlo en los comentarios. Cuídate xoxo

3 Reasons Why Camping Is Awesome!


A family camping vacation can be fun, rejuvenating and an inexpensive getaway. My family and I recently got together with some friends and their kids to go camping for the weekend. We camped at Woods Canyon Lake near Payson, Arizona. This beauty will have you feeling like you are at the very top step of the stairway to heaven. The following are some reasons why camping can be a great experience for the family.

Get in touch with nature:

Life in the city can be so hectic that we forget to stop for a second and enjoy our surroundings. We’re usually busy with work or school and our dependency to electronic devises doesn’t help. Nature offers the opportunity to breathe in some fresh air while at the same time enjoying it’s beautiful views and creations. When we planned our trip we made sure to look at the weather forecast, which stated it was going to be raining in PaysonSo, we prepared ourselves for rain, but instead woke up to a winter wonderland. As the day went on, the snow slowly melted away as we swam in the clouds.



Rejuvenate your spirit:

The loveliness of earth’s creations instantaneously makes me feel some type of way. It is a feeling of bliss, the perfect moment to open up the spirit and let your heart be filled with the energetic vibrations of this planet. It makes no difference whether you simply observe or close your eyes to feel your surroundings. I took some time to connect by practicing yoga, meditation and even constructed a mandala using found objects. Oh yeah! I also made sure to hug a tree:)


Exposing the kids to nature will also unplug them from their electronic devices. For this trip the kids brought books to read and sketchbooks to color and draw in. Another activity that they enjoyed was playing board games inside their tent. And of course this terrain offered them the perfect opportunity for playing hide and go seek.


Spend quality time with loved ones:

Camping is becoming a strengthening component to our family dynamic. It allows us to detach from all the noise and focus on the now. I love sitting around the campfire talking, having a few drinks while laughing with my friends, making S’Mores for the kids and taking walks to explore the area. These moments are experiences that will become wonderful memories.


I hope you are inspired to take your family camping. There’s no need to wait and save money for an expensive trip, camping is low budget and low maintenance. If you have any places you’d like to recommend leave it in the comments, sharing is caring! Take care, xoxo :*



5 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Bouquets


Mother’s day is in a few days and I need a low budget gift! Luckily there are great ideas for last minute people like you and I. I searched on Pinterest, the go to for DIY, and found these 5 super easy and beautiful bouquets to make that are also low budget.

Flower Bouquet

By:See Vanessa Craft

Cupcake Buffet by SeeVanessaCraft


Fruit Flower Arrangement

By: One Crafty Thing



Upcycled Planters

By: The Darice Craft Blog



Nail Polish Bouquet

By: Say Not Sweet Anne



Succulent Planter

By: Crafty Chica


I hope these ideas have offered some creative juices for you as they have for me. Happy Mother’s Day, I wish you a time of happiness together with your loved ones!:)



How To Make Strung Jewelry


Let your imagination run wild with strung jewelry! An easy and fun technique for jewelry making. All you need to do is shop for some beautiful beads to string together and make some beautiful necklaces and bracelets. Here’s the link for my video tutorial. Happy beading!

Easy DIY Wire Wrapped Pendant


Easy DIY wire wrapped pendant and how I learned this skill from a homeless man.

“No one is asking what happened to all the homeless. No one cares, because it’s easier to get on the subway and not be accosted.” -Richard Linklater

When I was in high school I worked on the weekends at a rock shop. About every month a homeless man would stop at our shop, my boss would give him several stones along with the wire and tools needed to wrap stones for us to sell. In return my boss payed the man for his labor. He didn’t speak much, he sat there and wrapped the stones, finished, received his pay and left.

Several months went by and the man did not return. The demand for wire wrapped pendants was there so I decided to give it a try. I had watched him many times as he performed the process. I was successful and to this day I am still creating wire wrapped jewelry! This is dedicated to that man, wherever he may be.

You need this:

  • Wire (I used 24 gauge)
  • Wire Cutter
  • Round Nose Pliers (Or flat nose will work too)
  • Stone


Cut the wire:

The length to cut the wire depends on the size of the stone. Go with more length, you can always cut excess off.


Find the center:

Cross both ends of the wire in a “fish” like shape.


Twist at the “tail”. For now twist about 3 times, this will give you a base to begin your wrapping. Later on you can go back and twist as much space as you need to for your particular stone.


Wrap the wire around the stone:

This will vary for different shapes of stones, you’ll just need to use your imagination and wrap around supporting sides. These are sides on the stone in which the wire “frame” can hug and that way your stone will be nice and held in place.


Make sure to tug the wire and twist firmly.


Find the next supporting side for the wire, bring the wire to the center of the stone to create the pendant loop to hang from a necklace.


Remember that first base twist we made? Now go back and twist to the desired length around your stone.

Cross both ends around the pendant loop and twist.


Cut remaining uneven wire that could not be twisted.


Wrap around the pendant loop.


Take your round nose pliers and twist every untwisted wire around your stone, front and back. This step will shrink the wire space around your stone and secure it firmly within the wire frame.


Now it’s ready to hang on whatever you choose!


4 Easy Steps to Practice Yoga at Home



“You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state.” ~ Sharon Gannon

After I turned 30 years old I noticed that I was gaining weight. I have been an “active” person since I was a kid so I thought I could just go back to the gym and knock off those little extra pounds like I had done in my 20’s. I am no stranger to the gym, I am very good at getting into a workout routine and I love to exercise but this time it was not as easy as I thought. I had a busy schedule and driving to the gym was an extra task to do in my already busy day. I ended up closing my gym membership since it was not being used anyway.

I decided to buy a yoga mat and practice yoga at home. I live in a small place so yoga was perfect because there’s not much needed to do it. Here is what worked for me.

Find a space in your house that works for you.


For me this space has changed. First I started in my bedroom, in there I could close the door and be free from distractions. Later I moved my practice into my living room, that has worked out the best because I have lots of light coming in from the windows and I can play instructional videos on the t.v. or turn on music on the stereo. Now my favorite place to practice is out in nature but it’s not always the most convenient. Move around and see what works best for you.

Set the mood


To make a sensual and relaxing atmosphere, I light up candles and/or incense. The incense will leave a smell in your house. I happen to like the smell, so I light it up!

I have been collecting crystals since I was in high school so now I am actually using them when I meditate after my yoga practice. They are beautiful and have healing qualities for different needs but that’s a whole other subject that requires more time. My husband recently bought his first quartz crystal, my advice to him was to select the one that he felt drawn to.

Also, as you can see I have made a little shrine for my “cositas” (little things). It’s nothing fancy, a wooden pallet I found in an alley. My shrine serves me as a reminder to take care of myself and practice my yoga.

Find a yoga video/book for your level/ incorporate music

When I fist started practicing yoga I went to YouTube for videos. I went through a lot of different ones and eventually I came across Yogi Nora. I love her style of teaching. She takes time to describe the movement, alignment and connection to the breath.

I recommend that you take the time to do your own research and find a video that is the right amount of time you want to start with, the level that you need and that the instructor on the video describes the techniques with great detail.

Another thing that is great to incorporate with yoga practice is music. Now that I have more experience I don’t need an instructor to guide me into poses, so on most mornings I start out by playing calming music from the Pandora yoga station.

There are also lots of books! This is the book that I use, it’s known as “The Bible of Modern Yoga.” It’s great because it offers step by step instructions, pictures and offers information on the effects of the posture for one’s well being.


Practice, practice, practice


Even if you only have 5, 10, 15 minutes in the morning or any time during the day. Practice your yoga, something beautiful is bound to flourish;) Namaste.