3 Reasons Why Camping Is Awesome!


A family camping vacation can be fun, rejuvenating and an inexpensive getaway. My family and I recently got together with some friends and their kids to go camping for the weekend. We camped at Woods Canyon Lake near Payson, Arizona. This beauty will have you feeling like you are at the very top step of the stairway to heaven. The following are some reasons why camping can be a great experience for the family.

Get in touch with nature:

Life in the city can be so hectic that we forget to stop for a second and enjoy our surroundings. We’re usually busy with work or school and our dependency to electronic devises doesn’t help. Nature offers the opportunity to breathe in some fresh air while at the same time enjoying it’s beautiful views and creations. When we planned our trip we made sure to look at the weather forecast, which stated it was going to be raining in PaysonSo, we prepared ourselves for rain, but instead woke up to a winter wonderland. As the day went on, the snow slowly melted away as we swam in the clouds.



Rejuvenate your spirit:

The loveliness of earth’s creations instantaneously makes me feel some type of way. It is a feeling of bliss, the perfect moment to open up the spirit and let your heart be filled with the energetic vibrations of this planet. It makes no difference whether you simply observe or close your eyes to feel your surroundings. I took some time to connect by practicing yoga, meditation and even constructed a mandala using found objects. Oh yeah! I also made sure to hug a tree:)


Exposing the kids to nature will also unplug them from their electronic devices. For this trip the kids brought books to read and sketchbooks to color and draw in. Another activity that they enjoyed was playing board games inside their tent. And of course this terrain offered them the perfect opportunity for playing hide and go seek.


Spend quality time with loved ones:

Camping is becoming a strengthening component to our family dynamic. It allows us to detach from all the noise and focus on the now. I love sitting around the campfire talking, having a few drinks while laughing with my friends, making S’Mores for the kids and taking walks to explore the area. These moments are experiences that will become wonderful memories.


I hope you are inspired to take your family camping. There’s no need to wait and save money for an expensive trip, camping is low budget and low maintenance. If you have any places you’d like to recommend leave it in the comments, sharing is caring! Take care, xoxo :*




5 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Camping Is Awesome!

  1. beeorganizedwithpamela says:

    Love love love this. I bet some people were shocked to know that we have snow in Arizona. Such an amazingly diverse state. We love going to Mt. Lemmon especially in the summer months. I grew up camping and the memories I have are irreplaceable.

    • gloriouscraft says:

      Thank you Pamela! Yes Arizona is very diverse and with lots of beautiful places to visit. I’ll need to look up info on Mt. Lemmon, we will definitely be taking more camping trips because as you said, the memories are irreplaceable 🙂

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