Healing with the moon.


When I started practicing yoga it allowed me to make a connection with calmness through movement and breath, the meditative quality. When I started including meditation to my daily life that allowed me a connection within myself, I found spirit. And when I started going outside and connecting with nature I felt what makes us all one, our humanity.

When I take a look at the full moon the feeling that I get is indescribable. The beauty that I witness is one that stops time. It is one of those things that we can all agree on, there is no denying the majestic beauty of the full moon, it’s a magnetic energy that captures you. Many people have used this time to perform ritual using the power of the moon for self healing. For some time now I have been connecting with the moon in my own way and this is how:

I live in Arizona so going outside is not always possible during the summer when our temperature gets very hot. However, most of the time it is possible to go outside to connect with nature. I like to head outdoors once the sun begins to set.


Reading a book under a tree. 


Playing a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

I use crystals for my meditation and I also burn sage. Crystals and stones are known for different uses and qualities. People often ask me “Do they really work?” I let people know that I personally believe they do and I also let them know that for me they are tools that aid me to focus my energies. For example, quartz crystals are known for their clarity, cleansing and high vibrations. Therefore, I use crystals in my meditation and visualize negative energies that I may be carrying within myself being cleared away. I can’t say that it is the crystal that allows this process to be possible in helping me find a peaceful balance but I also can’t say it is not.


Stones, quartz and sage.

Yoga, yoga, yoga! Practicing yoga has been extremely beneficial in my life. I highly encourage everyone to incorporate it in theirs.


Practicing yoga.

Another thing I incorporate to my ritual is writing. I have a journal in which I write my intentions.


Full moon intentions journal.

First I start by writing a full page of my life contract over and over until I write a full page. If you do not have a life contract I highly recommend that you take the time to make one. For example: ” I am Gloria Martinez-Casillas, a person who is loving, honest, peaceful, brave and adventurous.

Then I follow that with my intentions, for example: “I Gloria Martinez-Casillas will be flexible with my time.” “I Gloria Martinez-Casillas will push myself out of comfort zones.” “I Gloria Martinez-Casillas will have trust in my intuition.”

And lastly, I write down The Four Agreements. (If you are not familiar with these please read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.) I write them down personalized to myself as follows:

1. I Gloria Martinez-Casillas am impeccable with my word.

2. I Gloria Martinez-Casillas do not take things personally.

3. I Gloria Martinez-Casillas do not make assumptions.

4. I Gloria Martinez-Casillas always do my best.

After completing writing I sign it.

All in all, these rituals have been a helpful tool for centering myself. Life can be difficult to deal with at times and only you know yourself best. I encourage you to connect with nature in your very own way and see what you can gain from those connections.

Peace, light and love to you all! :*



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